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LP Local Candidates Crushed In Zambosur

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DESPITE THE LANDSLIDE victory of their standard bearer Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Aquino III as the country’s new president almost all LP candidates in the province suffered a humiliating defeat and vowed down to the ruling coalition’s candidates.



Seemingly, both black and white propaganda concocted by bright spin doctors of the provincial LP headed by last-termer Vice-Gov. Roseller “Roy” Ariosa failed to convince people to vote them into their desired positions.

Ariosa is a former Cerilles ally before he bolted out from the group after his boss, 2nd District Rep. Antonio Cerilles, accordingly reneged on his promise to let him run for the May 2010 polls as governor because Cerilles himself will be running.

Hobbled with limited campaign funds and except for a few mostly unknown political personalities, some of whom were previously his political adversaries, Ariosa and his team of liberals ran against Cerilles and his powerful lineup of incumbents, while keeping his fingers crossed but eventually lost, ending his political career.

In his Facebook wall, the vice-governor wrote: “The people of the Republic of the Philippines and Zamboanga del Sur need and want change, but that CHANGES when money is involved,” alluding to the reported rampant vote-buying activity during last Monday’s elections.

Ariosa and other LP candidates have been complaining of vote-buying in the province where money is enclosed in folded and stapled sample ballots and usually left for distribution in the houses of barangay officials.

Ariosa had hoped that if he won the polls and the other liberals were successful in their campaign, Zambosur will have transformation and they will bring in the needed replacements of people in the Capitol.
But the people’s voice has become more deafening as they chose to place their confidence on Cerilles’ slate after claims cropped up that Ariosa has sided with controversial politicians, the suspected drug lords and gun-runners.
Based on the tally of the Provincial Board of Canvassers as of Thursday, Ariosa got 116,885 against Cerilles’ 225,570. For vice-governorship, Lakewood mayor Domingo Mirrar settled only with 74,848 while outgoing board member Juan Regala got 230,057.

For the congressional race, incumbent 1st District Rep. Victor Yu is a high pointer with 154,452 as against Romeo Vera Cruz’s 50,719 while Gov. Aurora Cerilles got a wide margin of 107,884 votes in contrast to Tirsendo Poloyapoy’s 23,029. – BROUGTH TO YOU BY PAGADIAN EXPRESS

Comments (9)
    Sori na lang ko mga LP kay napalit ang election
  • LOL
    unsay wa napalit na ga FLOOD UG kuwarta sa tibook Zamboanga Del Sur started May 9 sa hapon hantod gabii sa mga balay balay until may 10 pastilan ga LANGOY MGA TAWO! sa kuwarta heheheeh mao lipay kaau sila Cerilles kay napalit na pud nila mga tawo :P

    next time di na dapat mag election sa Zambo Sur, dapat FOR SALE CITY AND PROVINCIAL GOVT POSITIONS 2016
  • bUbZ
    I am very disappointed with the Pagadianons! And here I thought that change is within our reach!haha
    I know and I've met some if not most of the candidates, and WE all know who are those that are capable and those with passion to liberate our little province.
    Maayo untag ma-realize nila nga kulang ra kaayo ang ila nadawat kaysa sa gikuha sa ila!
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